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The fear of the dentist

The fear of the dentist

It is possible to fight the fear of the dentist

Visiting the dentist can be a traumatic issue for some people, this due to bad experiences with complicated procedures or painful treatments that were historically practiced. Once in the office, anxiety grows with the smells, sounds and instruments, increasing insecurity and making the patient feel helpless, thus relating the dentist to a traumatic and painful experience. This fear can cause neglect in oral health which can lead to diseases that cause tooth loss.

Currently, multiple techniques have been developed so that dentists can do their work in a simple and safe way, but above all to allow the patient to be relaxed but aware of their procedures, for example with sedation. However, the fear of the dentist can be fought through some practices that we suggest below:

Find a trusted dentist who is referred by friends or family, as the experience of other people will give you a greater sense of security.
Schedule a first visit in order to get to know the professional more closely and clear up all doubts regarding the treatment to be performed.
If additional concerns are raised, please contact the clinic again and resolve them. This way you become more familiar with the work team and the place.
Maintain proper oral hygiene, as this way you will have less risk of contracting diseases that affect the health of your teeth.

Do not let time pass, since making regular visits to the dentist will help detect any abnormality in time and there will be fewer complications.
It is important to tell the dentist if you suffer from fear or anxiety, so the professional can take the necessary measures to make this experience the most favorable for the patient.

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