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The Cost of Dental Work in Medellin, Colombia

Save thousands dollars on cosmetic dental work in Medellin and Bucaramanga, Colombia Did you know that Colombia has become the second most visited country in the world for medical tourism? Every year millions of people come to the main cities of the country with a single objective, to do their medical treatments with the highest [...]
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Tourism in Medellín grew 50% in five years

In this four-year period, 1,19,252 international travelers arrived in the Paisa capital. The sector contributes 8.2% to the city's GDP. Of the six million foreign visitors that, it is estimated, will have arrived in the country at the end of 2019, for one million the main destinations will have been Medellín and Antioquia. This was [...]
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Porcelain veneers vs composite veneers: what to choose?

What is the most significant advance in the field of dental science. Don't scratch your head as you don't need to answer this question. But if you ask this question of a person who has undergone some type of cosmetic dental treatment, you will get the answer Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic dental treatments have proven to [...]
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The fear of the dentist

It is possible to fight the fear of the dentist Visiting the dentist can be a traumatic issue for some people, this due to bad experiences with complicated procedures or painful treatments that were historically practiced. Once in the office, anxiety grows with the smells, sounds and instruments, increasing insecurity and making the patient feel [...]
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Why do Dental Tourism in Colombia?

In recent years, Colombia has positioned itself in the world as a tourist destination for dental treatments. This is due to the high quality of the supplies and the outstanding academic training of the professionals versus the prices of the procedures, which can become very accessible, since the conversion to the national currency benefits foreign [...]
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5 Reazons Why Colombia is the best place to get porcelain veneers done

1. Save thousands of dollars getting your veneers in Colombia You save more than 60% compared to performing the same procedure in your country of origin. It cannot be denied that the currency exchange makes it very economical for us, but most importantly, all this without losing any quality, our dentists in Colombia work with [...]
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